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Broken Hope: Live Disease At Brutal Assault - Видепрограмма на Blu-ray

2015 г. США США, 103 мин.

Blu-ray лицензия

Broken Hope: Live Disease At Brutal Assault Broken Hope: Live Disease At Brutal Assault
Упаковка Упаковка: Keep-case
Тип диска Тип диска: Blu-Ray, Регион Регион: A, B, C
Видео: PAL 1920x1080p (16x9)
Звук: English Dolby Digital 2.0 (192 kbps) ...
Дистрибьютор: Медиалэнд
Цена: 400 руб.
Скидка: 0 руб.
Итого: 400 руб.
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Жанр: Death Metal, Grindcore
Исполнитель: Damian Leski - Vocals; Jeremy Wagner - Guitars; Shaun Glass - Bass; Chuck Wepfer - Lead Guitars; Mike Miczek - Drums

It’s been 24 years since Chicago’s death metal favorites Broken Hope released their Swamped in Goredebut disc, and fans are about to get the first-ever concert DVD and live album from the group. The disc is titled Live Disease at Brutal Assault and was filmed at the Brutal Assault festival in the Czech Republic in August 2014. The festival brought in over 20,000 fans and those catching Broken Hope’s performance definitely showed their love for the group. Director Tommy Jones gives fans a look at the band’s performance via a dozen pro cameras and the packaging includes some striking exterior and interior artwork from metal art master Mark Rudolph. Get a closer look at what fans can expect via the DVD trailer posted above. Guitarist and founding member Jeremy Wagner says, “Playing Brutal Assault in 2014 was a dream come true. Being one of the Main Stage acts at the fest in front of those thousands of insane fans was also a huge dream come true. And then … above all that … we had this epic moment captured by a pro video crew and also recorded by the best soundman in the biz, and it made for a perfect storm that enabled us to put it together to share with metal fans the world over to enjoy forever!” He adds, “We couldn’t have done all this without the mega-talent of Tommy Jones … Tommy took a million pieces of footage and numerous audio files, pieced them all together, aligned everything, edited it all, and made for us (and the world), an absolutely stunning concert DVD! We even added the Broken Hope Documentary-Film, 25 YEARS of SICKNESS — The History of Broken Hope to this Blu-Ray! This film was released only in North America with Omen of Disease … now the entire world will have this amazing film-and in a Hi-Def Blu-Ray format! Last thing I wanna say is: the skills of Thilo Fehlinger, Scott Creekmore and Chris Wisco made our first-ever Live Album a loud, clear, and sonically-bombarding tour-de-force! This entire DVD/CD package is a monumental feather in our cap!” Director Tommy Jones adds, “This Broken Hope project has come out so sick! It has the quality and look of a high-end and polished commercial piece, but as a completely brutal, death metal concert experience. Definitely one of the coolest looking live pieces I have been able to work on in the death metal genre. Really happy with how it all came together.”

01. “Intro”
02. “The Docking Dead”
03. “Dilation & Extraction”
04. “Into the Necrosphere”
05. “Gore Hog”
06. “Swamped in Gore”
07. “The Dead Half”
08. “I Am God”
09. “He Was Raped”
10. “The Flesh Mechanic”
11. “Incinerated”
12. “Felching Vampires”
13. “End Credits”
Возрастные ограничения: 14 лет
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