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Garbage - The Absolute Collection (2DVD) - Видепрограмма на DVD

2013 г. США США,

2 DVD лицензия
Garbage - The Absolute Collection (2DVD) Garbage - The Absolute Collection (2DVD)
Упаковка Упаковка: Картонный бокс, Digipak
Тип диска Тип диска: DVD-9 (двухслойный), Регион Регион: 5
Видео: PAL 720x576 (4x3)
Звук: Английский Dоlby Digitаl 5.1; Английский DТS; Английский РСМ Stеrео
Дистрибьютор: Медиалэнд
Цена: 600 руб.
Скидка: 0 руб.
Итого: 600 руб.
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Диск 1:

Garbage - Absolute Garbage, 2007

Four albums and seven Grammy® nominations later, Garbage has its first best of DVD collection -Absolute Garbage. Among the 15 Garbage music videos on DVD for the first time--including Vow, Only Happy When It Rains, Stupid Girl and Milk directed by Samuel Bayer (Nirvana s Smells Like Teen Spirit, Hole s Doll Parts, The Cranberries Zombie ) and Queer by Stephane Sednaoui (Red Hot Chili Peppers Give It Away )--are two previously unreleased in the U.S.: You Look So Fine and Shut Your Mouth. Also included is almost
Рецензия от издателя
Released in conjunction with a CD of the same name, Absolute Garbage is a collection of 15 music videos from the rock band Garbage. Fronted by Shirley Manson, whose smooth and distinctive voice is equally adept at purring as it is growling, the group also includes drummer Butch Vig, guitarist Steve Marker, and bassist Duke Erikson. But make no mistake about it: The visuals are all about the photogenic Manson. It was their breakthrough single "Only Happy When It Rains" that made an impact on both radio and MTV in 1995. Manson, who at the time resembled a fierce, red-headed version of supermodel Kate Moss, appears on screen in a blue minidress that matches her eye shadow and nail polish, and knee-length Doc Martens. Interspersed between random shots of extras dressed like Teletubbies, deconstructed bathrooms, and her bandmates (who are musically gifted but not particularly video friendly), Manson pleads her case for being happy when things "are complicated." That her dress changes in color to pink is almost incidental in the vignette, and "Only Happy When It Rains" manages to marry both arty intentions with a rock 'n' roll cool vibe that doesn't come across as either clichéd or lofty. Between 1995 and 2007, when Absolute Garbage was released, the band broke up and got back together a handful of times. But there is a cohesiveness to their look and sound, even as it evolves, that makes them distinctively Garbage. They worked with some of the era's most popular video directors. Fashion photographer Matthew Rolston succinctly captures the mood of "I Think I'm Paranoid," while Samuel Bayer (best known for his work with Nirvana) helmed "Vow," a simple performance piece that captures the band's raw energy. Actually, it's the concert style videos ("When I Grow Up") where the band seems most at home--commanding a stage. While some of the videos are widescreen, the majority are full screen, But all of them pop on the TV screen with their vivid imagery and vibrant colors. The DVD also includes a documentary called "Thanks for Your Uhhh, Support," that weaves in home videos, news clips, and concert footage. While the band's music indicates that Garbage formed organically, it wasn't quite that simple. The three men--all music producers living in Wisconsin at the time--saw a video of Manson performing in a different band and sought out the Scottish singer to front their group. They were smart enough to know that no matter how talented they were, they needed a voice--and face--to define them. --Jae-Ha Kim
Track Listings

1. Vow [dvd]
2. Queer [dvd]
3. Only Happy When It Rains [dvd]
4. Stupid Girl [dvd]
5. Milk [dvd]
6. Push It [dvd]
7. I Think I'm Paranoid [dvd]
8. Special [dvd]
9. When I Grow Up [dvd]
10. You Look So Fine [dvd]
11. The World Is Not Enough [dvd]
12. Cherry Lips (go Baby Go) [dvd]
13. Shut Your Mouth [dvd]
14. Why Do You Love Me [dvd]
15. Bleed Like Me [dvd]
16. Bonus Material [dvd]

Диск 2:

GARBAGE - One Mile High...Live, 2013

Рецензия от издателя

After a seven year break, 2012 saw Garbage back in the spotlight with a new studio album "Not Your Kind Of People" followed by their first world tour for seven years. "One Mile High... Live" was filmed on this tour at the Odgen Theatre in Denver, Colorado on 6 October 2012. Charismatic singer Shirley Manson leads fom the front propelled by the twin guitars of Steve Marker and Duke Erikson ant th epowerhouse drumming of Butch Vig with Eric Avery (Janes Addiction, NIN) providing bass guitar for the live shows. The band mix highlights from the new album with classic tracks from across their carrer to produce, in "One Mile High... Live", the ultimate Garbage live experience.
20 Yow
Track Listings

1. Automatic systematic habit
2. I think I'm paranoid
3. Shut your mouth
4. Why do you love me
5. Queer
6. Stupid girl
7. Hammering in my head
8. Control
9. #1 Crush
10. Cherry lips (Go baby go!)
11. Big bright world
12. Blood for poppies
13. Special
14. Milk
15. Battle in me
16. Push it
17. Only happy when it rains
18. Supervixen
19. The trick is to keep breathing
20. Vow
21. Time will destroy everything (Credits)
22. Pre-show warm up
23. Automatic systematic habit
24. Battle in me
25. Big bright world
26. Blood for poppies
27. Control
28. Big bright world (Music Video)
29. Blood for poppies (Music Video)
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