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Motley Crue: The End. Live In Los Angeles - Видепрограмма на Blu-ray

2016 г. США США, 153 мин.

Blu-ray лицензия
Motley Crue: The End. Live In Los Angeles Motley Crue: The End. Live In Los Angeles
Упаковка Упаковка: Keep-case
Тип диска Тип диска: Blu-Ray, Регион Регион: A, B, C
Видео: PAL 1920x1080p (16x9)
Звук: Английский DTS-HD Master audio; Английский L-PCM Stereo
Дистрибьютор: Медиалэнд
Цена: 350 руб.
Скидка: 0 руб.
Итого: 350 руб.
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Исполнитель: Vince Neil – lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Mick Mars – lead guitar, backing vocals; Nikki Sixx – bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals; Tommy Lee – drums, percussion, backing vocals; Allison Kyler, Sofia Toufa - danser, backing vocals


On the 31st December 2015 Mötley Crüe took to the stage of the Staples Center in their hometown of Los Angeles for their last ever live performance. It was the culmination of their Final Tour which had started in July 2014 and travelled around the world taking in North and South America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East.

The band had signed a legally binding “cessation of touring” agreement that prevented them touring as Mötley Crüe beyond the end of 2015 and so this concert truly was “The End”. Known for their over-the-top production, Mötley Crüe did not disappoint for their last show ever on New Year’s Eve: from massive, cutting-edge pyro, including Nikki Sixx’s bass guitar spitting fire over 30ft. into the air, and Tommy Lee’s “Crüecifly” drum roller coaster, amongst many other spectacular elements. Lead singer, Vince Neil, delivered an emotional


01. Intro
02. Girls, Girls, Girls
03. Wild Side
04. Primal Scream
05. Same Ol’ Situation (S.O.S)
06. Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
07. Rock N Roll Part II / Smokin’ In The Boys’ Room
08. Looks That Kill
09. Mutherf***** Of The Year
10. In The Beginning / Shout At The Devil
11. Louder Than Hell
12. Drum Solo
13. Guitar Solo
14. Saints Of Los Angeles
15. Live Wire
16. T.N.T (Terror ‘N Tinseltown) / Dr. Feelgood
17. Kickstart My Heart
18. Home Sweet Home
19. My Way (Credits)
Возрастные ограничения: 15 лет
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